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Welcome to IMPCA, a social enterprise that aims to make a positive impact on society and the environment. The name, IMPCA, stands for Impact Capital and Advisory, reflecting our tenet of delivering impact-driven solutions to our clients. We are committed to translating ambitious concepts into tangible outcomes that promote sustainable livelihood through nature conservation.

Our mission is to create a sustainable and inclusive future by supporting impact-based startups and ideas in rural/tribal areas, developing nature-based carbon credit projects to help companies globally mitigate their carbon footprint, and assisting Indian companies in connecting with grassroots-level NGOs to develop, implement and assess the impact of their CSR projects meeting SDGs norms in a holistic way.

We believe that nature-based solutions can provide an essential foundation for a circular economy, one that promotes inclusive growth and meets the needs of people and the planet. Through our expertise in impact investing, project development, and advisory services, we help companies and organizations create sustainable, long-term value while contributing to a more sustainable future.

At IMPCA, we are committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients, working together to achieve their goals, and creating shared value for society and the environment. We are dedicated to delivering impact-driven solutions that make a positive difference and contribute to a better world.

Thank you for considering IMPCA as your partner in driving impact and sustainability. We look forward to working with you to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.


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Our role in the Sustainable Development Goals

IMPCA addresses No Poverty  and Zero Hunger goals by providing seed capital to impact-based start-ups and ideas. By investing in businesses that have a social or environmental mission. IMPCA supports sustainable economic development and job creation. These initiatives can help lift individuals and communities out of poverty by providing employment opportunities, income generation, and access to essential services. We provide nature-based solutions which alleviate the socio-economic condition of the backward classes like the marginalized tribes of India and promote sustainable agriculture and food security.

Gender equality is a fundamental principle and objective that IMPCA prioritizes in its agenda. We recognize that achieving gender equality is not only a matter of social justice but also critical for sustainable development and creating a more inclusive and equitable society. We are committed to promoting gender equality through our projects. We support initiatives that empower women and promote gender empowerment and contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable society. This includes advocating for equal access to education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and decision-making positions. By addressing the barriers and discrimination that women often face, IMPCA aims to create an environment where women have equal opportunities to thrive and contribute to society.

IMPCA actively contributes to Climate Action by developing nature-based carbon credit projects. These projects focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable land use and conservation practices. IMPCA develops nature-based carbon credit projects to assist corporates in meeting their net-zero ambitions. These projects contribute to SDG 13 (Climate Action) by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable land use and conservation. We invest in initiatives such as reforestation, afforestation, and land restoration projects that sequester carbon dioxide, protect ecosystems, and enhance resilience to climate change. We provide solution to combat climate change and its impacts through various initiatives related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and waste reduction and carbon credit services.

IMPCA is actively incorporating Life Below Water through its initiatives focused on pond creation in wetlands, promoting fishery culture, and rainwater harvesting.Through its projects, IMPCA works to create ponds in wetland areas, which serve as vital ecosystems for various species. These ponds help in preserving and restoring wetland habitats, supporting the growth and sustenance of aquatic organisms. Through these initiatives, IMPCA contributes to SDG 14 by conserving  biodiversity, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and ensuring the availability of freshwater resources.

IMPCA contributes to SDG 15 that is Life on Land by supporting projects that aim to conserve terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity. We invest in initiatives such as afforestation, reforestation and land restoration projects. By protecting and restoring natural habitats, IMPCA helps preserve biodiversity, enhance ecosystem services, and promote sustainable land management practices to restore the degraded land and also works actively towards enhancing the habitat of endangered species like tigers and elephants.

IMPCA has adopted holistic approach for fostering sustainable development and ensuring a more prosperous and resilient future for all.