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We are a mission-driven organization focused on making an eco-social impact. We advise, design, invest, implement, and assess programs for positive economical, ecological, and social benefits to the world’s neglected communities and regions.


Making meaningful impact


Creating circular economy


Ensuring inclusive opportunity

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Our work

IMPCA stands for Impact Capital and Advisory, reflecting our tenet of delivering impact-driven solutions to corporates and individuals. We achieve our mission through three strategies, supporting impact-based startups and ideas through seed capital, developing nature-based carbon credit projects to meet the net-zero ambitions of corporates, and assisting Indian companies in creating holistic CSR projects.


To share knowledge, and infuse capital for scaling impact, and accelerating the transformation towards sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.


Our vision is to be a powerful force that ignites and drives positive transformation across all aspects of society, leveraging our ability to catalyze change and create a brighter, more equitable future for all.


Integrity is our greatest asset. With absolute honesty, passion, and perseverance, we look forward to forging a new path for a better
future for all.

Our core values

We are motivated by impact and propelled by knowledge. We consider that in order to solve old issues, rigorous implementation and new-age thinking are required, with compassion. To optimize the social return on every investment, we provide end-to-end support capabilities, which include research, strategy consulting, project management, impact assessment, and more. We have been working with foundations, non-profits and impact ecosystems across India.

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The SDGs that we focus on

IMPCA contributes to the broader agenda of achieving the SDGs and fostering sustainable development. We ensure that our efforts have a tangible impact on poverty reduction, hunger eradication, gender equality, climate action, and the conservation of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. We ensure that our projects and initiatives contribute to multiple SDGs. Our organization promotes sustainable development, economic growth, climate action, poverty reduction, and social well-being, and the organization is actively working towards achieving these goals through its various projects and initiatives.