Knowledge partners

We are proud to announce that the IMPCA has signed MOUs with ARKA Jain University, Jharkhand, and KIIT University, Odisha to promote and support social entrepreneurship in India.

The primary objective of these MOUs is to encourage and promote social entrepreneurship through a combination of academic and practical training. Under the partnership, the universities will provide necessary academic training to aspiring social entrepreneurs and facilitate practical training experiences to help them gain the skills and knowledge required to run successful social enterprises.

In addition to providing academic and practical training, the universities will collaborate with IMPCA to conduct research and case studies of its projects, which will be useful for the sector. The research and case studies will focus on identifying the challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and finding solutions to overcome these challenges.

The knowledge partnership between IMPCA, ARKA Jain University, and KIIT University will go a long way in fostering social entrepreneurship in India. It will not only provide aspiring social entrepreneurs with the necessary training and knowledge but also equip them with the tools and resources required to make a meaningful impact in society.

We are working closely with ARKA Jain University and KIIT University to promote and support social entrepreneurship in India and create a better future for all purpose-driven leaders for social good.